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With each commissioned piece Kay prefers to involve her client in choosing and creating the design and color scheme. A strong point in working closely with the artist is gaining more knowledge and understanding of her creative process. For this reason Kay has included a pictorial display of the primary steps she must accomplish when creating with Artglass. Most steps require dozens of hours to complete.

1. Design Phase - After collaborating with her clients, she takes careful measurements and observes surroundings for design and color coordination. At this juncture Kay discusses the approximate cost. She explains her monetary procedures. When an understanding and contractual agreement is reached, Kay begins her design phase as soon as possible on her calendar.

2. Template Assembly - When the master design and glass have been approved the artist prepares the templates for cutting. Careful attention is given for specific color blends or glass directions. Individual templates are glued to the glass at the choosen position.Oriental Rug Design

3. Glass Shaping - Chosen glass is cut and ground to fit. Each piece is cut and ground to fit, cleaned, numbered and placed on the master cartoon within a sized jig.

4. Assembly - The matrix used to hold the finished glass pieces together can be lead, zinc or copper cane and/or copper foil. The type of design and its application usually determines the choice of matrix. The most common matrix Kay creates in is the copper foil method. Soldering steps in all matrix choices require hours of focused attentive construction.

5. Cleaning & Finishing - Strengthening the project is accomplished before soldering it together though further reinforcing may be necessary later. The finishing steps require hours of focused attention as does the cleaning which is like cleaning dozens of small window panes! If the copper foil method is used further treatment will be required.


 6. Installation - The finished project is ready for installation after multiple steps have been taken. If required Kay is in touch with several skilled carpenters who are ready to help with this process.



Finally the commission is completed!

"The feeling of elation is one of gratitude for the privilege of creating for my clients and
is one of 'WOW’ because the greatest surprise of all is seeing how the piece has come alive
in the place for which it was intended."
- Kay

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